Home Security

Sometimes we can overlook something as important as home security, but protecting your home against external threats and intruders is essential and necessary if you want to safeguard and protect the things that matter most to you, so having a proactive vision is especially necessary, as a key element to protect your home or business and the people you love most.

Opting for Foscam cameras as a security solution in your home can instantly add an additional level of security, whether you're at home or away. Having a camera at home as a deterrent can possibly dissuade and change your mind to potential intruders and owners of others.

On the other hand, the technological advantage of our IP cameras is that with respect to analog CCTV systems, when connecting our cameras to your home WiFi or LAN network you can see them anywhere in the world through an Internet connection on your smartphone, PC or with your Alexa device with 2MP cameras from Foscam.